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Pharmaceutical Drops and OintmentsSupplier of pharmaceutical drops and ointments such as moxifloxcin eye drops, tobramycin eye drops, fluconazole eye drops, sparfloxacin eye drops, gatifloxacin eye drops, flurbiprofen eye drops, flurometholone eye drops and timolol maleate eye drops.

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Sr no

Trade Name Combination Quantity
01 NEW RETINOID. carotenoids,methylcobalamin andMULTIVITAMIN AND MINERALS tablets 3X10
02 dopacet tablets paracetamol650mg+dompridone10mg tablets 10X10
03 ophlergy eye drops olopatadine hcl ophthalmic solution
04 dopagrain 10mg tabs flunarzine 10mg 10X10
05 deltapred eye drops; prednisolone 10ml 10ml
06 Durasopt dorzolamide2%+timolol 0.5% ophthalmic solution 5ml
07 tearvet ultra 10ml Carboxymethyl cellulose+N-Acetyl carnosine+glycerine 10ml
08 moxvel-p Moxifloxacin+prednisolone ophthalmic solution 5ml
09 diferpred Difluprednent ophthalmic emulsion 5ml
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